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Parkinson's Disease Testimony for Cornerstone Acupuncture located at 30 East 40th Street, New York NY 10016

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Parkinson's Disease
"I've been dealing with
PD symptoms of
stiffness and slowness
for 9 years. At first, they
were very mild, but in
by 2006, the
medications I was
taking were no longer
working predictably,
and I fell into a
depression, for which I
was hospitalized in late
2006. I heard about Dr.
Ma shortly after I was
released from the
hospital, and in
December 2006, I met
I actually began feeling
some relief after the
first treatment, which
was very powerful. As
Dr. Ma indicated, I did
have more energy and
experienced some
increase in mobility.
Since then, I visit him
weekly, and I haven't
had to increase my PD
medication during this
time period. Also, my
depression has lifted,
and in general, my life
is better than it was a
year ago."
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