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Cornerstone Acupuncture
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Shingles Pain Testimony for Cornerstone Acupuncture located at 30 East 40th Street, New York, NY 10016

Tokyo, Japan
Pain from Shingles
"Five years ago, I made
a special trip from Tokyo
to NYC to see Dr. Ma for
my pain from shingles.
My back pain was so
severe that I couldn't
fall asleep at night, and
no physician seemed
capable of providing me
with any relief. But that
had all changed
thankfully once I met Dr.
Ma. He was able to fix
my back pain within a
couple of sessions. I
still visit NYC
periodically and when I
do so, I see Dr. Ma for
other issues. For
example, the last time I
was here I recorded a
new album and had a
performance in the city
(I am a professional
singer in Japan), and in
order to prepare me for
such an overwhelming
task, Dr. Ma gave me
acupuncture treatments
and herbs  that
re-vitalized my voice
and boosted my energy  
level. I sincerely hope
one day Dr. Ma will
open up a practice in
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