Cornerstone Acupuncture
Infertility Testimony for Cornerstone Acupuncture, New York City. Acupuncture Office Near Grand Central.
Midtown Manhattan Acupuncture Office, Near Grand Central Station

Office Address:
30 East 40th Street, Pent House SE
New York, New York 10016
Phone: (212) 448 - 9898
Fax: (212) 686 - 5756
4,5,6,7,or S train to Grand Central Station (42nd Street)
Ning Ma, Acupuncturist
Cornerstone Acupuncture, New York City
Cornerstone Acupuncture-Midtown Manhattan,Grand Central Station,NYC
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Midtown Manhattan Acupuncture Office, Near Grand Central Station
Cornerstone Acupuncture
“With over 20 years of experience in the medical
field, I know a lot about the human anatomy and its
congruent points for healing. Whether your are
completely healthy or not, its always important to
regularly tune up and replenish your body.
Envision my office as a garage repair
establishment, and I, as your mechanic. Come in,
relax, and I’ll help tune you

Christine S.
New York, NY
Infertility Condition
"After approximately
three months of
treatments, my entire
outlook had improved
and my stress levels
were greatly reduced.
I had previously used
fertility treatments
which had not been
successful but the
first IUI treatment that
I received while
treatments from Dr.
Ma was successful.  I
am now over
six-months pregnant
and my husband and I
are greatly
anticipating the
arrival of our child in
February. Dr. Ma has
continued to follow up
with me to make sure
that my pregnancy is
going well and I truly
appreciate all that he
has done to help in
the process."
Cornerstone Acupuncture
                                               30 East 40th Street, PH SE
                                               New York, NY 10016
                                               (212) 448 - 9898

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Dr. Ning Ma, Acupuncturist,Cornerstone Acupuncture,New York City
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