Dr. Sosner's Testimony for the Cornerstone Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Center (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine)
Cornerstone Acupuncture’s founder, Dr. Ma, is an expert in his field.
He has been providing the following services to patients over the past
20 years:
Acupuncture for Infertility (women and men: condition of
sperm, condition of follicle, miscarriage, endometriosis, IUI
and IVF reproductive therapy assistance, other)

Acupuncture for Pain Management (back, headache, neck,
heel, tendonitis, carpal syndrome, sciatic, bursitis,
myofascitis, fibromyalgia, muscular injury, other)

Acupuncture for Stress Management and  Well-Being
(anxiety, insomnia, anger, fatigue, depression, appetite
control, reduction of inches, other)

Acupuncture for Immune Related Conditions (seasonal
allergies, frequent common cold, other)

Acupuncture for Thyroid Conditions (hypothyroid,
hyperthyroid, other)

Acupuncture for Gastrointestinal Conditions (heartburn, IBS,

Acupuncture for Women's Health (menopause,
dysmenorrhea, PMS, other)

Acupuncture for Neurological Conditions (parkinson's
disease, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, bell's palsy, other)

Acupuncture for Chronic and Complex Conditions (alopecia,
meniere's disease, narcolepsy, other)

At the Chinese Medicine Center, Dr. Ma, in addition to acupuncture,
incorporates Chinese herbal medicine in customized patient
treatment plans.
Cornerstone Acupuncture- Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine (Chinese Medicine Center)
"We call him Dr. Ma, not
Ning (his first name), to
indicate our respect for
his knowledge, his
experience and his
intense spirit.  His
tireless passion for
acupuncture and
Traditional Chinese
Medicine, is quite visible
in his work
achievements. Dr. Ma
has created the nation’s
first hospital based
integrative acupuncture
program. I am happy to
say it was first
institutionalized in my
Department, Department
of Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation, and since
then it has expanded to
other clinical
departments.  I enjoy
being in Dr. Ma’s
presence and observing
his committed working
style –whether its
developing an integrative
hospital based
acupuncture protocol
stemmed from effective
procedures and clinical
practice guidelines, or
supervising acupuncture
fellows, from his
Acupuncture Fellowship
Program. Most
importantly the over-
whelming enrichment
comes from the success
stories delivered upon my
patients at the Rehab

Although, Dr. Ma shies
from the term “magic
man”, I can’t help myself
but to think that it is who
he really is, a doctor who
delivers unbelievable
results to some of our
most ailing patients. On
behalf of all the patients
and staff members,
including myself, at St
Vincent Hospital, We
Thank Dr Ma
 Cornerstone Acupuncture : Comprehensive Chinese Medicine Center

Dr. Julian Sosner
Chairman, Dept of
Physical Medicine &
St.Vincent's Hospital
Cornerstone Acupuncture
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